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Welcome to our web site. We have just renewed our site in March 2020. Our location is just north of Tokyo in Japan. We are very afraid that English page is only this, and so you can ask us anything about Badminton Information in Japan at "Contact Us" form. Norio Sugimoto, web master

Greeting : Mr. Sadao Isoi, President Dear all. Thank you for visiting our Web page. We have 5,000 people and more who play & love Badminton, Our Saitama Badminton Association was founded in 1952, since that, we had been struggling about the lowest level of skill for long time. Then we have decided to keep training young aged coaching staff and they have been getting better skill step by step. We had success for student player to get high level skill at last. We are keeping the top level of Badminton now, especially in 1996, the player who we grew up won the championship for Men's Singles, for Men's doubles and Ladies' Singles at the National General Championship Tournament. Next, our Ladies' team won the Empress Cup and Men's team get the second prize of the Emperor Cup at National Athlete Meet. And The girl's team of Saitama Sakae high school won the victory and the boy's team of Ageo high school went to the final at Inter High School Athletics. They made a very brilliant thing for us. So we have been keeping this situation. Now we are working hard to make our players to get more good skill for National Athlete Meet every year. We have been providing wonderful training for young student players and, at the same time, we will make efforts to build up international goodwill through Badminton. All Badminton friends in all over the world! We hope you give us any suggestions/questions for our players, ourselves and so on through this page. Thank you.

Greeting : Mr. Norio Noto, Chief of Director Dear all. We have put our web page as base of people who loves Badminton toward the National Athlete Meet every year. The badminton players belonging our association is from junior age to senior age and they always got excellent victory in some national tournaments. So we try hard to let you know the result of them and the year schedule of our activity so quickly. We are really waiting for your access to our webpage. After this, we will make sure to advance contents on this page and give you more information. We really ask you understand us and give us your co-operation. Thank you.

Greeting : Mr. Masaru Kato How are you doing? Badminton lovers. We always appreciate your help and cooperation for long time. Then our Ladies team got the victory on the Empress Cup and our Men's team got the second prize on the Emperor Cup at 51st National Athlete Meet in Hiroshima 1996. Takashi Suga, Men's Singles, Takako Ida, Ladies Singles and Katayama & Kubota, Men's Doubles who all came from Saitama, got the Championship at the National General Championship Tournament 1996. The boy team of Ageo High School and the girl‘s team of Saitama Sakae High School got the honor by winning the championship at Inter high school Athletics in August 1996 and 25th National Invitational High School Tournament in March 1997. That's why We have been walking forward to the National Championship on the developing road since our Association founded in 1952. That's why we have been running. Also our Saitama Badminton Association have been holding our web site since December 1997, because we know that it is very important to give our information to all over the world, to receive it from all over the world. we really hope Badminton are getting popular more and more. Thank you.

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